Our Team

Our Team

Experienced, Qualified, & Committed

Jerry Dulas, Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Jerry Dulas founded Dulas Excavating in 1971. Graduating from Heavy Equipment Training, at what is now known as Central Lakes College in Staples, MN, Jerry returned to his hometown of Wells after serving with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam. Over the past 40 years, Jerry has worked hard to build a highly respected, dependable organization known for delivering accuracy and productivity. During his tenure, the business has expanded to meet the needs of the client base. Jerry manages the overall operations of Dulas and facilitates the ongoing business strategy to ensure consistent delivery of his vision.

Marilyn Dulas, President

Joining the Dulas team in 1972, while also working as a full time nurse, Marilyn began bookkeeping part time for her husband’s company. In 1987, Marilyn had to come to terms with being pulled in several directions; managing Dulas’ financial records, working full time in nursing and raising three children. After feeling overwhelmed, Marilyn decided to leave her love of nursing and join Dulas full time keeping the books for the business and raising her children. Today, Marilyn serves as the President managing the books, balancing budgets, and tracking finances.

Ike Dulas, Director of Engineering

The youngest of the Dulas children, Ike was naturally drawn to the heavy equipment. He first began running a dozer with his father at the early age of eight having to sit on telephone books just to see out the cab. After graduating from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering, Ike worked for several other related businesses before joining Dulas in 2005. As the Director of Engineering, Ike manages day-to-day field operations and based upon his passion for advanced technologies and critical thinking, has incorporated many new innovations and processes that have enhanced the overall technical capabilities of the company.

Crystal DulasCrystal Dulas, Director of Accounts

In 2007, Crystal joined Dulas becoming the latest addition to the team. After graduating from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Crystal worked on several outside projects with multi-billion dollar corporations. After moving for the ninth time in five years, she decided to return home to join the family business. Using her engineering experience to guide her, Crystal has tackled several projects and has restructured a number of departments in her time with the company, along with the existing and new accounts.