United Hospital District

United Hospital District Clinic Expansion and Hospital Addition

Dulas Excavating Inc. was awarded the Site Improvement Package for the United Hospital District Clinic Expansion and Hospital Addition. This 4-phase package included the demolition of the old 1949 hospital, excavation and import of 50,000-cy of material, underground utilities for the new addition, and paving and curb & gutter for all new portions.

Sitting in the center of Blue Earth, the Hospital and Clinic also lies in the lowest section of the city, making the constant wet soil conditions on top of the exceptionally wet construction season a challenge in itself. Not to mention all the import and export had to be brought through residential neighborhoods. Together with the Construction Manager, Dulas Excavating Inc. was able to accelerate the schedule to help the project to get back on track despite the groundbreaking being two months late. The complicated phasing and interior reconstruction as well as a hard move-in date met the Dulas team head-on.

Dulas plans to demolish the ’49 building in the Winter of 2011 to continue the additions to the Hospital with a substantial completion of October 2011.