Power Plant Expansion earns EIC Pyramid Award

The Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency’s (SMMPA) Power Plant expansion in Fairmont, MN, was awarded the Pyramid Award for Excellence in Construction by Associated Builders and Contractors at the Excellence in Construction Awards Banquet in January.  As part of the construction team, Dulas Excavating was able to attend and accept the award alongside the Joseph Company, the general contractor of the project.

The Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency entrusted their $8.8M expansion of their power plant in Fairmont to Dulas Excavating and the Joseph Company.  The project was programmed to accommodate four new power generators delivered from Germany.

Along with the mass deconstruction of the outdated coal powered plant, special challenges to complete the project were place four mass foundations pads to bear the generators as well as unloading and placing the generators, weighing 97 tons each.

As testimony to the performance for SMMPA, Peter Reinarts, Manger of Generation & Operations, summarized it well by saying, “We relied heavily on their expertise and they went out of their way to build a better power plant.  I cannot say enough how happy we were with the performance.”